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Operation Gobbler

Panama City, FL and Surrounding Areas
November 22, 2018

On Monday night before Thanksgiving, a brine was prepared to marinate 60 pork loins that were smoked and delivered to Calloway, FL to the Catholic Charities to serve families in the Calloway area.

Operation Gobbler took place at 1 am on Thursday morning. The day started at 11 am on Wednesday preparing for the Turkey prep and smoker set up. All turkeys were injected with a homemade butter, garlic and herb sauce then smoked up to 7 hours on oak wood. The Rotary Club provided the cooking essentials along with 20 pork loins cooked and packaged to aide in the feeding on Thanksgiving Day. We worked with Backroads Sports Network out of Destin, Fl. The turkeys and pork were delivered to Marianna, Calloway and the tent city in Panama City on Thanksgiving Day. This was just over 1,500 pounds of meat.

PO Box 1171, Destin, FL 32541
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